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Our Vision & Values


We strive for a trusted relationship with our customers by providing education and a straightforward, “no surprises” approach to addressing their current and anticipated intellectual property needs.


We value the individual and diversity of opinion and views. We value the courage to speak up and value the discipline to respect a decision once it is made. Our vision is to create a culture and competencies to proactively advise customers with business based intellectual property decisions in a global context. This builds the foundation for long term customer relationships and referrals which will continue to keep the Firm economically sound so as to provide security of income, growth so that the Firm can survive the loss of any employee or customer-no matter what their role, and a future opportunity for the next generation.

Every successful business must do one thing better than its competitors in order to survive. I founded this firm on the principle that an attorney should provide recommendations within the legal landscape for how a customer can protect this competitive advantage rather than waste the customer’s time quoting the law. During my time as a consumer of legal services as both business leader and inventor for 20 years before becoming an attorney, my personal experience was that the attorneys who were best at this type of advice were accessible and part of the business team advising proactive actions, not part of the clean up team merely reacting to problems. This website explains how the flat-fee billing principle, on-site service, and training seminars make The Firm’s attorneys accessible and allow us to earn the opportunity to help you protect your competitive advantage. Our customer surveys document that the firm’s actions are consistent with achieving the principles upon which I founded the firm.  Customers find us accessible, knowledgeable and proactive. Mission Accomplished.

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