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International Intellectual Property Law Association 2017 Annual Congress

Today marked the opening day of the International Intellectual Property Law Association’s Annual Congress. The Annual Congress, which is taking place in Dubai this year, has proven to be very informative. This conference, like the one Ed attended in London last year, opened with the observation that the Intellectual Property law community must change its model from providing products, like patents and trademark registrations, to creating competitive advantages for brand owners. This requires being part of the business team, not just performing the administrative tasks of paying maintenance fees.

Ed proudly notes that it is no coincidence that our literature centers around Strengthening Your Competitive Advantage by Identifying, Securing, and Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights. This has been the foundation of the firm since the beginning – we want to earn the right to be part of the business team.

Ed is in Dubai supporting the firm’s anti-counterfeiting and anti-knock off efforts on behalf of its clients and looks forward to continuing to support those efforts throughout the upcoming year.

Stay tuned for an update on day #2 of the 2017 IIPLA World Congress.



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