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Where in the World is Ed Sisson?

Ed Sisson, the Firm’s principal attorney, has had a busy past week.

Last weekend, Ed visited a client’s booth at NeoCon in Chicago. For those of you who don’t know, NeoCon is a trade show for members of the commercial design industry. Ed enjoyed visiting our client’s booth and said,

The NeoCon visit was important, as I was able to observe and better understand how our client offers his patent pending products. I am also now better able to understand our client’s competitors.

A few days after returning from Chicago, Ed headed out again, this time to London, for the International Intellectual Property Law Association’s (IIPLA) 4th Annual Global IP Summit. Ed has attended the summit in the past, but was honored to be featured as a presenter this year.

IIPLA’s Global IP Summit, which proved interesting, opened with a representative from Dr. Martens discussing the steps the company takes to protect its iconic brand. In particular, her advice to beware the small fish, since they always become the big fish, stuck with Ed. Ed’s presentation, which tied nicely into that advice, focused on protecting smaller brands, in particular at trade shows. He told attendees how enforcement at the trade show itself can be far more effective and cheaper than other alternatives.

Ed remarked that,

The similarity between our strategies was shocking. While we wrote our presentations independently, both of us emphasized the importance of demonstrating a willingness and resolve to fight back.

One attendee, a fellow IP attorney, remarked that Ed’s presentation contained information he never knew and that our firm was probably one of the leading experts in non-iconic brand enforcement. The presentation is a culmination of the three years of research the firm has done into brand protection at trade shows.

We look forward to continuing to help our customers protect their brands and to helping with enforcement at trade shows, particularly the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show, which the firm will exhibit at for the third time this fall.

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