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Customer Innovations in Response to COVID-19

Today, we’d like to highlight how just a few of The Firm’s customers are responding to the COVID-19 crisis. Oracle Lighting, U.S. Foam Systems, Telling Industries, and BioMedInnovations have each brought creative and innovative solutions to challenges brought on by the crisis.

Justin Hartenstein, Oracle Lighting’s Director of Product Development, called upon the company’s extensive experience in lighting and LED circuitry combined with U.S. Foam System’s extensive experience utilizing personal protective equipment to design an Antimicrobial Irradiation Respirator (or AIR device). The AIR device is worn under the traditional face mask and neutralizes any virus that gets through the mask with ultraviolet light.

Chuck Haba, President of Telling Industries, announced Telling’s low-cost, temporary shelter for drive-through COVID-19 testing. The pre-assembled a-frame is made from commercial construction metal framing materials and folds for easy transportation and installation.

Carrie DiMarzio, Chief Operating Officer of BioMedInnovations, leads the fast track development and commercialization of an alternative ventilator design. BioMedInnovations is working with Equilibar and Roush Yates Manufacturing Solutions to help produce these ventilators. Due to the use of different components than traditional ventilators, the BioMedInnovations ventilators are not subject to the supply chain bottlenecks facing traditional ventilators.

It is hard to believe that these developments happened in only the last eight weeks. Our Firm is proud to have customers like these, and we were honored when each asked us to assist with such important technologies.

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