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What Our Customers Say

Intellectual Property Law Firm

Our Firm surveys its customers regarding its performance. In the most recent survey, 100% of the customers surveyed said they would feel comfortable recommending us to a friend. They find that the Firm provides a high level of personal service. The reasons cited for this include:

Responsiveness: Customers can easily contact attorneys at the Firm, and the Firm’s attorneys promptly respond to any messages. The Firm’s attorneys commit to respond to any messages within a maximum of four hours unless the attorney is out of the country in a different time zone, on vacation, or in a meeting with another customer. Attorneys at the Firm promptly respond the next morning to any messages received overnight.

Communication: The Firm’s attorneys communicate clearly and thoroughly explain the issues being addressed and the recommendations being offered. Attorneys at the Firm strive to not quote the law to our customers without providing explanation or recommendations. Instead, the Firm’s attorneys strive to explain what the law means for the customer’s immediate situation and provide recommendations regarding the next steps.

Knowledge and Experience: Customers find that the Firm brings a high level of intellectual property knowledge and experience to the table. The Firm uses a team approach in supporting its customers. This means that any special knowledge and experience possessed by one member of the Firm is spread across the entire Firm. We know what we do well and we are not afraid of reaching out for additional skills, or helping you find a different firm if we do not have the skills to help you.

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