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The Firm’s Copyright Services

Attorneys at the Firm work with businesses to secure the proper permissions for using the works of others (e.g. in website content, on blogs, and in sales and promotional literature) and to identify and register copyrights for their own works.

Liability for Improper Use of Others Copyrights

Many businesses significantly expose themselves by failing to properly secure the right to use a drawing or photograph. Failing to properly secure the right to use someone else’s work extends far beyond the unauthorized use of clip art. The Firm’s attorneys often find that the copyright to a company’s logo or trademark has never been assigned to the company. While the company has the right to use the logo or trademark as a trademark, without an assignment to the copyright, the business never had the right to reproduce the logo or trademark on business cards and promotional literature.

Why Businesses Should Register Their Copyrights

Businesses that register the copyright to their critical drawings, photographs, videos, and written works can to seek significant monetary compensation when someone else reproduces their critical works, such as copying a photograph or text from their website. Businesses that fail to register their copyright typically cannot attain compensation.

If you have would like to speak with an attorney at the Firm about copyrights, please contact us  for more information.

* Currently provided on a flat-fee basis.

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