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Administrative Assistant

Hours: Monday - Friday, 25-30 hours per week, exact hours are to be discussed with…

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To support the organization’s mission, vision, and values every employee is expected to demonstrate the following values:


Be an effective listener. Be careful to respectfully deliver messages with accuracy. Ensure there is a complete and mutual understanding between both parties to ensure communications are understood.


Respect the decision once it is made even if you disagree. Demonstrate tolerance and respect for others regardless of their views, culture or physical appearance. (Diversity). Be respectful in all communications.

Perception Awareness

Protect individual’s good name and Firm’s good name in all dealings. Better to manage perceptions than be managed by them.

Lifelong Learner

Embrace adversity as a learning opportunity and continually seeks self-improvement.

Efficiency Driven

Re-conceptualize issues to discover practical solutions to hard problems—stay nimble by minimizing complexity and finding time to simplify.


During discussions when all sides are being heard, respectfully say what one thinking even if it is controversial. Make tough decisions and take smart risks. Maintain a strong sense of self control. Question actions inconsistent with our values.


Take pride in the Firm. Celebrate Edwin A. Sisson Attorney at Law LLC’s success. Work tenaciously. Continually demonstrate passion about an industry, technology, cause or activity.


Be candid and direct with no hidden personal agendas. Be quick to surface and own mistakes so that appropriate and timely corrective action can be taken.


Capable of being relied upon by colleagues, customers, vendors, etc. Demonstrate consistent ability to perform job tasks in the time allotted.

Collaborative Team Player

Continually demonstrate ability to work together for a shared common goal. Understand and behaves within the boundary and authority limits of individual roles and responsibilities of team members. Understand the importance of being either a leader and/or follower in a given situation. Rely upon other team members in achieving the goal.


Be a self-starter. Independently identify what needs to be done and implements within own skill set, authority and boundary limits. Recognize problems and bring forward.

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