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The Firm’s Opinion Services

The Firm’s attorneys provide legal opinions answering the four most common questions:

  • Patentability: Is my product or process patentable?
  • Validity: Is a patent valid and enforceable?
  • Infringement: Does my product or process lie within the claims of a patent?
  • Freedom to Operate/Use: Are there any patents or trademarks which would prevent me from making and selling a particular product, practicing a process, or using a specific mark?

The Firm’s Stage-Gate Approach

The Freedom To Operate (FTO) opinion usually requires a professional search to uncover the granted patents or existing trademarks that may be pertinent to the business’s objectives, making it one of the most extensive opinions. Then the opinion evaluates the infringement question and the validity question. In many instances, the opinion need not be completed or formalized for the business to take appropriate action. The opinion process can be broken into stages, and the Firm conducts all its opinions using these stages, with the fee structure mutually agreed upon before beginning the work.

If you would like to speak to an attorney at the Firm about an intellectual property opinion, please contact us for more information.

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