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Why Businesses Need Intellectual Property Training

All businesses, develop proprietary intellectual property, such as brand images, secret processes, written, visual, or auditory artworks, and patents. After all, if a business doesn’t do at least one thing better than its competitors, it will not survive. Unfortunately, many businesses do not recognize these developments as intellectual property, and fail to protect the competitive advantage which comes from them.

The Firm’s Intellectual Property Training Seminars

The Firm’s attorneys conduct free training seminars designed to help businesses identify patentable ideas, identify and properly protect secret processes, protect their brand image, and identify and protect critical written, visual, or auditory artworks. Experience shows that the number of patent applications, trade secret protections, trademark applications, and copyrights significantly increases after employees attend our seminars. The mere filing of these applications raises the value of the business, making it easier to secure capital, borrow money, and compete in the marketplace. Successful application(s) raise the value of the business even more, as the intellectual property grant(s) are monetizable asset(s).

If you would like to speak to an attorney at the Firm regarding training seminars, please contact us for more information.

* Currently provided on a flat-fee basis.

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